Colorado Springs Military Homecoming Photographer

Fort Carson SEC

Hi there! If you have landed here, I am guessing you're loved one is getting ready to head home from a long stay overseas or perhaps even a long school.. I have been photographing military homecomings and in particular,at the Special Events Center Of Fort Carson for many years! I completely understand! Date and time changes ,middle of the night changes, heck even diaper changes! Hey, I have 4 kids, I get it! I will be there! Forgot tissues? I got you!

I will help calm your fears in those crazy hours leading up to seeing your loved one!

I've been there and handled it:)Know if you hire Dunn 4 You Photography as your military homecoming photographer, I will be there and have the professionalism to get you covered no matter where your homecoming is held!

Airport Homecomings

Surprise Homecomings

Buffalo Wild Wings Military Homecoming Surprise

I have also captured some surprise homecomings outside the traditional. Want to surprise your kids at school? A restaurant?
I can do that too!

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