I'm so excited to get this blog up and going!!A place to get to know me better!Quick 10 about me's.

1-I'm a huge introvert and didn't know how else to share with everyone so here we are!

2-I feel deeply and wonder pretty much for years how people I've crossed paths with are doing!

3-Chances are if you've contacted me for a session,I may have bought a prop or backdrop,planned your session and never said anything even if you never ended up booking.I care so much about wanting people to have priceless memories frozen in time like I do and will spend the time behind the scenes making it happen.

4-I suffer with huge self esteem issues and it took a lot to decide if this was a good way to open my self up more or not.

4a-Honestly,I'm still not sure lol.

5-The obvious-I'm a mama of 4(2 are grown and learning to spread their wings*cue proud tears*

5a-I am the Christian mama of a transgender before it was the norm.Yes Christian.Yes my child is transgender.

5b-Ok adult child.And I will not tolerate negativity at all about it.

I love all my kids as I've been called to do.Please DO NOT read or comment if you can't be an adult.For many years,I was very fragile about it..about what?The fact I love my kids?

Not going to apologize for it.

6-I have a lot of experience with things I felt as a Christian I should hide(thyroid issues,chronic pain,depression,eating disorders etc).More on those topics later!No longer.I won't hide from it,in my personal or professional life.(Trying to be professional!)See number 1!

7-I have an amazing husband.Seriously.Can't even make this stuff up.His love for us keeps me going every day.

8-I love Dirty Dancing,a couple tv shows..such as Grey's Anatomy,This Is Us, but I literally never have control of our TV:)

9-My favorite colors are black and purple and most days even after a 165 lb weight loss,you'll see me in black:)

9a-I like to write and couldn't keep this to 10.

9b-I have 6 tattoos,2 of which match my babies.

9c-I call them babies even though the youngest is 10:)

10-I've been told I have resting bitch face:( But I swear it is because I am so so shy and insecure.One day at a time I am getting better at it.I do have to wonder if I come off that way during a session!Yikes I hope not!I'm usually so scared I'm not doing a good job and concentrating is all!And this is all in my head because I know what I am doing.

My sessions are laid back and untimed,but I am always making sure to capture those in between laughs,hugs and touches that make you and your loved ones YOU.

After 5 years of clients,I've got myself in gear to share my favorite images from your session,share my life and family and why this very first post is titled Live NOW.

Life is too short.I learned this at a young age when I lost my best friend, my sister,at age 19.I was 21 and pregnant and so unaware of how cruel life can be.

I learned it but didn't put it into action!It has taken me 20 years!Why?

Join me as I work on finding out and share a little bit about it from time to time here:)

The puzzle is starting to fall into place.

I am worth it.

You are worth it.

Get in the picture and live NOW.Tomorrow isn't promised.