Let's say you have decided those pictures on your cell phone are not enough and you'd love to hire someone with a camera to create some long lasting images for your family.

Now what?Everyone seems to have a camera!

Well you pick ME OF COURSE and don't need any tips:)


Why would you choose me?

What are you looking for when you hire a pro tog?


And yes I STILL LOVE my cell phone images and take them almost daily !

I am a professional family photographer in Colorado Springs who would love to share some tips for your search!

Make sure to check out my website and follow my blog for reasons why you should hire me or another pro instead of always using that cell as we stroll through 2020!

Do They Offer Prints And Why Do You Need Them To?

I have heard it many times in the past 5 plus years I have been taking pictures on a professional level...can I print these at"insert big box store here"
Sure you CAN but let's talk about why you SHOULDN'T!
I could write on this all day but I'll save it for your next session and keep this short:)
YOUR family deserves someone who can help you choose what would look best on your wall!And not only what will look best,but will hold up for YEARS AND YEARS!

Can they Use Light and does it matter?

Absolutely does!Have you ever been frustrated by a backlit photo on your phone but the sky is perfect?Ahh me too!
But a true professional knows how to light their subjects as well as the background OR is able to edit it for you!
I am able to offer both ways to get YOU a finished product you deserve!
Especially in such a scenic state with many mountain views!You deserve to have well lit family pictures that you can be proud of!

Can they Pose or "unpose" photos?

90% of the images I take on a family photo session or senior session have been well thought out and executed..even when they don't appear to be!It's important to note when you are looking through portfolios,websites,or social media,that the photographer seems to be capturing flattering moments of your family. This family photo was a posed image,but I also caught them laughing(seemingly unposed but it was intentional)or maybe walking a trail like the photo above.

Are they able to remove simple blemishes or mosquitos?

Yes!Mosquitos!Haha!Anytime you photograph near the water those buggers seem to pop into the image and you really can't stop it!I've removed thousands lol!Of course you don't want your images overedited,but simple temporary zits and small scratches?It is a wonderful benefit to clients to remove those quickly to make sure every family picture you hang that isn't the first thought when you walk by!A pro will be able to do that for you!I offer it +do it for my high school Seniors while keeping a natural look:)

But my cell phone takes GREAT pictures!

Some of my fave memories have been caught with a cell phone!Will they print a 40x40 canvas for above my couch?Of course not!
No matter the technology,the sensor in a cell is too small!
I back up my professional + personal images 3 ways to Sunday.
A true pro pays to back up your pictures!I have seen so many posts on social media..my photographer lost my pictures..what?Things happen of course they do!But to see those posts pretty often is a scary turn in who is a "pro"Don't be afraid to ask before you hire!

Why does professional photography cost so much?

Budget is a huge factor in my decision!Cousin Eddy has a DLSR he can use!

And yes of course cousin Eddy can take your photos!You do not need to hire a professional family photographer,it is a luxury item and should be considered as such when hiring one:)

Every photographer you come across will have different costs to running their business.I can respect a budget(one income household here as my photo business grows)

They are more than likely not a legal business if they are charging too low for your area(I'm going to say at LEAST $350 or more in the Colorado Springs area) and cost of living average.

The costs of running a photography business are pretty high,like any small business can be:

May or may not include a studio or studio space rental and extra staff,props or backgrounds,lighting systems.lenses,cameras and upkeep on all that equipment.

Permits or fees for different locations,a website and storage,editing software and computers,insurance,etc.

ALL before a living wage is paid to themselves.

So Heidi?

Sadly,that means they aren't supporting YOU or the local economy through taxes either..if you are,shouldn't your photographer?They aren't backing up your photos,insured or getting educated to bring better to YOU!

Memories are PRICELESS!

I hope some of these tips help you in your search for a family and portrait photographer!I would love it if you chose me, but if you don't, keep these things in mind!
Remember to look for someone who won't charge you an arm and a leg,but a decent living wage plus their skill,expertise and business costs:)A profit is allowed to be made as part of"wages"
A hobby doesn't charge!If you are spending ANY AMOUNT,expect them to be a business or keep looking:)
If you have any questions,you can reach me below!

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